July 7, 2017
July 7, 2017


Every construction is a challenge and needs innovative, customized, and easily applicable solutions to enhance the strength and durability. ISF deals with construction chemicals of FOSROC. They are one of the leading manufacturers of construction chemicals. They are of high quality and used in the construction of famous landmarks all around the world. Their products include chemicals for cement and concrete technology, Barriers, Repair and Remediation and finishes.

Cement and concrete technology: 
1.  Cement additives
Products: Cemex
Cement additives are liquid products which aide to modify and enhance the properties of cement.

2.  Admixtures
Products: Conplast, Cebex, Structuro
Admixtures are liquid or powder products which modify and improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete or mortar.

3. Corrosion Inhibitors
Products: Conplast, Cebex, Structuro
Corrosion inhibiting admixtures are used to provide corrosion inhibitors in readymix and precast reinforced concrete.

4. Concrete treatment products
Products: Concure, Reebol and Preco .
They are used to enhance the concrete surface.

5.  Grouts and Anchors
Products: Conbextra, Cebex, Lokfix
They are cement and resin based products used to fill voids beneath load-bearing units.

1. Waterproofing products:
Products: Proofex, Supercast, Nitoproof
They are waterstops and membranes used to prevent ingress or water loss through structures.

2. Sealants
Products: Thioflex, Colpor, Nitoseal
Sealants are flexible materials which enable relative movement of components of a structure and preventing the ingress of water, wind or chemicals.

3. Gas Membranes
Product: Proofex
Gas membranes and ancillaries are used to prevent the passage of gases into structures.

4. Fire Proofing
Product: Flamex
These are flexible intumescent sealants giving extra time for people to escape from a fire situation.

Repair and Remediation 
1. Concrete Repair Mortars
Products: Renderoc, Patchroc, Paveroc, Nitomortar, Nitobond
These are cement and resin-based products used for the reinstatement of defective concrete.

2. Crack Injection Resin
Products: Nitofil, Nitokit
These resin based products are used for bonding and sealing cracked concrete.

3. Corrosion Control Products
Products: Galvashield, Ebonex, Norcure
Corrotion control products use electrochemical methods for the repair and protection of steel-reinforced concrete.

4. Grouts
Products: Conbextra, Cebex, Lokfix
These are resin and cement based products used to fill beneath load bearing units.

1. Surface Coatings
Products: Dekguard, Nitocote, Polyurea
They render high performance protective, chemical resistant and decorative coatings for concrete, steel and other surfaces.

2. Flooring
Products: Cemtop, Nitoflor, Polyurea
We offer a wide range of coatings, toppings and screeds to provide improved performance to new and existing concrete floor.

3. Adhesives
Products: Nitobond, Nitotile
They are used as bonding agents and permanent fixing agents for tiles and board materials.

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