July 7, 2017
July 7, 2017


1. Waterproofing products:
Products: Proofex, Supercast, Nitoproof
They are waterstops and membranes used to prevent ingress or water loss through structures.

2. Sealants
Products: Thioflex, Colpor, Nitoseal
Sealants are flexible materials which enable relative movement of components of a structure and preventing the ingress of water, wind or chemicals.

3. Gas Membranes
Product: Proofex
Gas membranes and ancillaries are used to prevent the passage of gases into structures.

4. Fire Proofing
Product: Flamex
These are flexible intumescent sealants giving extra time for people to escape from a fire situation.

Repair and Remediation 
1. Concrete Repair Mortars
Products: Renderoc, Patchroc, Paveroc, Nitomortar, Nitobond
These are cement and resin-based products used for the reinstatement of defective concrete.

2. Crack Injection Resin
Products: Nitofil, Nitokit
These resin based products are used for bonding and sealing cracked concrete.

3. Corrosion Control Products
Products: Galvashield, Ebonex, Norcure
Corrotion control products use electrochemical methods for the repair and protection of steel-reinforced concrete.

4. Grouts
Products: Conbextra, Cebex, Lokfix
These are resin and cement based products used to fill beneath load bearing units.